Selfies With (Dead) People, Part I

I swear, I wouldn’t even dare put my face beside these beautiful busts/photos/paintings if it weren’t for the 5% bonus that I need for a course. But I don’t regret doing it because I can now actually say that I have taken a bunch of selfies with famous people.

It’s just that they’re not alive, that’s all.

People in the photos (CW):

  1. Mr. Quezon, the 2nd Philippine president who was far more interested in anything but a picture with me.
  2. Mr. Epifanio de los Santos, who didn’t seem like he wanted a selfie.
  3. The awesome Spoliarium, which is depicting something miserable but I smile nonetheless.
  4. A close up shot of me and the man on the 20 peso bill (Quezon, again).
  5. Mr. McArthur, who looked like he was done with my shit.
  6. The Illustrados. And me, who was trying to fit in with them.

credits to my sister who took the photos that weren’t selfies!


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