I’ve always admired the Spoliarium (c. 1884) ever since I was a kiddo, and it began when my social studies teacher first taught us about the prominent people in the 19th century Philippines, one of them being Juan Luna, the artist of the painting. Seeing it in person today made me love the painting even more and I was just so awestruck the whole time I was examining it.

Thank you, professor of one of my courses, for making us go to the National Museum and exposing us to one of the many talents of the Filipinos. (And also, of course, for the incentives that you would be giving us by the end of the semester.)

Something that I wanted to do but didn’t: take the gargantuan masterpiece home (just like what Nic Cage did to the Declaration of the Independence) and hang it somewhere inside my room. It’s for, uh, science.


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