That Bittersweet Moment

Is this how it feels like when you don’t want the day to end?

Although today was incredibly tiring and I feel like I’ve been rolled on a pile of mud repeatedly, I have to admit that I had so much fun. Yes, I might have lost most of my pride and dignity on the way, but I guess it was worth it (or not).

Today was also the day that my faith in humanity (more specifically, the people in the campus) has been restored a bit. Our P.E. professor arranged an Amazing Race-esque event. The group that I was in was tasked to earn 240 pesos through caroling and, goodness, it was difficult; you have to get used to rejections and the embarrassment that you feel as you sing a Christmas song that you don’t really know.

Luckily, though, we bumped into a few good people who gave us some money despite the nightmare that they had to go through while we were singing. I couldn’t believe that they would willingly give us, a bunch of teens who looked like they would have enough money to feed themselves, something an amount as big as the one that a tita had given us.

It was a very memorable experience because not only did we get to earn so much money through caroling oh my God how did we do it, but it also showed me the perseverance of the kiddos who are always begging for some cash every Christmas. It was pretty much Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol minus Scrooge’s ghosts, and it certainly lifted up my Christmas spirit.

PE1 has taught me so much more about values than all of the values subjects I have taken ever—can you believe it?


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