Sem-starter feels #2

Hooray to me for completing the first day of my second semester in college! I don’t know what changed in the campus, but it definitely feels much more different than the previous semester. It will also be my first semester not to have any superclassmates* and it’s scary and liberating at the same time.

This semester, I’m going to be dealing with political science and I’m really hoping that I understand something because if there are two things that I’m not interested in, these are politics and science. I’m also taking self-defense classes! Yay—only, not yay because I never really planned on taking PE without a friend and now I have to get used to being by myself. This class will certainly determine whether or not I can get by without knowing anyone. Hopefully, I will. Also, the campus gym is so far away from the other buildings that I feel like I’m on a walkathon whenever I have to go there. Nobody deserves this kind of torture. Nobody.

In general, today was exhausting and “meh”, (though I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be more hectic) but it’s still manageable. I just hope that I don’t die of stress by the end of May.

*one has a superclassmate when his/her schedule is identical with another student
(there is no sem-starter #1 because this shit blog didn’t exist back then.)


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