Stray Thoughts: February Fair

Every year in February, the university holds a week-long event called the February Fair, or Feb Fair for short. It holds mini concerts and booths of various organizations/fraternities/sororities at the Freedom Park, which is awesome and all, but the food section is what attracts me the most.

This is a series of thoughts that popped up in my mind while I was at the fair. they may not make sense to you, but this wasn’t written for you, anyway.

Freedom Park | 17:30

I look to my left, and then to my right. I stare at the people in front of me and glance at the back from time to time. My eyebrows furrow. Ew, I thought as I witness couples holding hands and showing PDAs around me. It was a carnival for all ages, but it seemed more like a dating spot for me.

They say that the Ferris wheel is a popular attraction for the couples (or those who want to be a couple, I guess) and I can understand why, since I’ve seen a lot of romantic movies that romanticized Ferris wheels (add Divergent to the list, though it’s not really a romantic film). But holy crap, when I saw this Ferris wheel, I was surprised;

this thing spins too fast for these couples to enjoy. It was like a rollercoaster. I will never forget the genuine screams of the people on that Ferris wheel.

Oh, my God. Why haven’t I tried proven before? It’s now my most favorite Filipino street food, though the fact that it’s a part of the chicken’s intestine kind of grosses me out. Still, delicious.

Stars have always fascinated me. They’re there, outside our atmosphere and light years away, yet we always see them twinkling at night as if they’re within our reach. (They’re probably in the process of dying, said my ever-so-pessimistic sister.) Planets, though, are more than fascinating. I don’t like studying about their mass, the percentage of carbon in their atmosphere, or the number of earth days it takes for them to revolve around the sun, but I am interested in seeing them with my naked eye. Which, obviously, isn’t possible unless I become an astronaut. So when I paid 70 pesos just to see Jupiter from the telescope, I knew the price was worth it. Seeing the gas giant and its swirly patterns was a surreal experience. I saw Orion’s belt from the telescope, too, but I’ve seen it too often to become excited. I want to see Jupiter again. I want to see the other planets. I want my own telescope.

I remember my parents bringing me and my siblings to this fair back when I was in first grade and I really don’t remember it being this…meh. If that makes sense. It just seemed more proper and organized in my perspective when I was a child (plus, there were no jejes at all), and the booths were more diverse and had a lot of items to sell, not just tacky clothes and those glowing rubber balls that kids love to throw. I still remember the wall climbing area, though. I remember wanting to try climbing it when I was little, but I was too lazy shy to even approach the ones in charge.

Tip: if you’re not into religious talk and are looking for a place to rest or sit after a long walk, don’t go to the S.U. amphitheater, the gazebo near Palma Bridge, the seats outside CDC—okay, no. Just don’t even bother sitting anywhere outside at all. My sister and I were hanging around the amphitheater while watching people try wall climbing when two students suddenly approached us, asking us if we’ll accept Jesus in our life. Ate, I like that you’re spreading faith to the world, but I’ve been asked that question for about a hundred times ever since my first semester in college and my answer will always be the same: yes, I have already accepted Jesus in my life. No, I will not attend your Bible study. This happened twice today. Twice.

My legs and feet hurt from walking all day. Why does our university even require three P.E.’s when we already have the pleasure of walking around the campus (some buildings are a kilometer away, no kidding) everyday?


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