Stray Thoughts: Age of Ultron

Despite the lack of time that I have to watch new films in the cinema because of school work, I was still able to squeeze Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron in my schedule. Something you should know: I haven’t read any of the comics, so I can’t really compare the film to them.

This is a series of thoughts that popped up in my mind while I was watching the film. Obviously, there are —MAJOR SPOILERS— below the cut, so proceed with caution (or don’t proceed at all).


Wow, it has only been five seconds since the film started and there’s already a fighting scene. That’s awesome. I can’t help but notice that the scenes are full of CGI, though (but what the hell do I expect, the actors actually doing the stunts?).

I know that the twins are supposed to have this mysterious aura and stuff, but Wanda is just downright creepy when she sneaked behind Tony. Also, the part where she just suddenly appeared to attack Steve and then hid behind the door right after he’s hit made me snort.

“You…could…have…saved…us.” Cringe level: 6

It’s good that Tony and Thor acknowledged Pepper and Jane because it was weird that they weren’t in the party when everyone else was. I want to high five Maria for that testosterone line.

Everyone’s gone, except for the Avengers. Everything turns into chaos when Ultron decides to have some fun with them—but look! A wild Dr. Cho suddenly appears behind the piano! Seriously though, if she was sitting on the couch with the group, I did not see her at all.

Stark: (non-verbatim) How are we going to stop him?
Rogers: Together. Cringe level: 9

I internally screamed when Peggy appeared. And also Idris Elba, that fine-looking man. (Can someone please explain to me Natasha’s dream because I kind of don’t get it.)

Look at these Americans ruining the city’s marketplace (and possibly the lives of the people selling stuff there). Look at these civilians watching Iron Man and the Hulk fight when they should be running far away from them because it’s dangerous. Look at this white man in a robot suit taking down an unfinished construction that probably took a couple of years for the construction workers to build.

Wait, WHAT? Clint has a wife? And two kids?! Was this in the comics, oh my God? And for some reason, the film turned into some kind of TV drama where Natasha and Bruce have some heart-to-heart talk in the bedroom, Clint and his wife worry about the future of their family if he dies, and Tony and Steve arguing with each other as they cut logs and fix tractors. The only good thing in this part was Nick Fury.

The Vision reminds me of the colossal titans from Attack on Titan. He also kind of resembles the men in Blue Man Group, only that he’s red and he has a cape. It was such an awesome moment when he handed Mjolnir to Thor and everyone in the cinema just oooohhh‘ed in unison. The perks of watching in the cinema on premiere week.

When Pietro got shot, I wasn’t expecting him to actually get killed. I’m so mad. I wanted to see more of him in Infinity War, but thanks to Joss Whedon, that won’t happen anymore, fucking damn it.

Mid-credits scene: Oh look, it’s Thanos again.

Final thoughts: To be honest, the first one was better (except that they don’t have the twins and Vision). Sure, the action scenes were great in this one, but it’s so flooded with cheesy and cringeworthy one-liners that I lost count of the number of times I facepalmed on my seat. The first part of the film felt too cluttered for me, but the latter half was amazing. I still hate that Whedon killed of Quicksilver, though.

Overall score: 3/5


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