I’ve just finished my first year in college and I am so relieved that I’m finally done with my library research paper. Fun fact: the semester officially ended on May 29th, but because I still wasn’t done with the paper, I couldn’t really say that I finished the semester.

It wasn’t easy, nope not at all. As I said in my previous school-related post, I procrastinated a lot this semester and the consequences really hit me in the face. The due date for the paper was last Friday, June 5th, and I only completed my multilevel sentence outline the day before. Before I could pass my paper, I had to pass my outline to my professor so it can be revised/approved and—surprise, surprise—I only managed to do that on the day of the deadline.

And, I swear, last Thursday was awful. I just wanted to give up and get a grade of 5.0* because I lost the courage and motivation that I need to finish it. The fact that I could’ve finished it earlier had I not been procrastinating made me livid. The fact that everyone I know was already done with their paper while I was still struggling to start it depressed me.

Good thing, my mom urged me to start writing the final draft even though my outline still wasn’t approved so I won’t be wasting my time (thanks, mom). Even better, the professor allowed me to pass it by Saturday (but since I couldn’t reach said professor, I was only able to pass it earlier today), so I feel really thankful.

I’m so thankful for having such supportive parents who wouldn’t let me give up on my paper. I’m also thankful that my professor still accepted my submission, even though it was past the due date.

It was an antagonizing and traumatic experience, but I believe that I have learned from it. Though my vacation is almost over because I’m taking a midyear class this summer, I’m ecstatic to be done with this semester. I don’t want to relive it anymore. And to commemorate this joyous event, I’ll be (finally) cutting my hair this week (LOL).

So yeah, tl;dr: it doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re not going to make it to the finish line; just keep running as long as it’s still there and don’t stop even though everybody else has already reached it.

*1.0 = highest grade | 5.0 = lowest grade


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