Casually Sharing My Happy Thoughts

So it turns out that the midyear classes will be starting tomorrow. If I were my usual stressed-out self, I would be fuming because my summer vacation ended as soon as it started. But for some odd reason, the universe was kind enough to bless me with such awesome things within those seven days that I’m perfectly fine with having only a week of rest.

Firstly, Sense8. Gosh, if I were to describe this Netflix series, the only word that I would think of is “amazing”, and it really is. The plot is a breath of fresh air, especially when almost all of the sci-fi TV shows that are airing right now are focused on action. The first three episodes might be a bore, but everything beyond that is perfection. Still not convinced? Okay, fun fact: I binge-watched the whole thing in a day, and then proceeded to cry over it the next day because I was craving for more episodes.

And then there’s the remake of Final Fantasy VII. I can’t fully express how excited I am for this one because that would require me posting a picture of myself crying tears of joy on the floor. The moment I saw that buster sword on the trailer, I crumbled into pieces. Final Fantasy VII is my childhood; I spent a huge amount of my 5th grade days getting to know all of the major and minor characters and their backstories. I printed pictures of them and then pasted those in my diary as I cry over the deaths that happened in the games and movies. Basically, I looked like a very dedicated fan of a bunch of fictional CGI characters. I think I still am, though, because I literally went hysterical when I saw the trailer. It was embarrassing, now that I’ve calmed down, but that’s okay because all that matters to me is that they’re remaking Final Fantasy VII and I’m buying a PS4 no matter how long it will take me to earn enough money for it.

tl;dr: I am happy because of materialistic things.


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