I Like the Number 18.

Miracles happen once in a while,

When you believe.

that song from The Princess Diaries (2001)

It was one in the afternoon when it happened. Drained and disheartened, I sat in front of my laptop and opened my SystemOne account to repeat what I had been doing for the past couple of days: log in, check the number of units, check the list of waitlisted courses, check my recommended courses, check if there are any vacant slots in the other sections.

It was just like that scene in an episode of American Horror Story: Coven. You know that part where the girls were in hell while they were sleeping and they couldn’t wake up because their nightmares just kept looping? Yeah, that’s the one.

The only difference is that I managed to wake up from my nightmare.

Okay, maybe “nightmare” is an overstatement, but you get the point. Anyway, I woke up from the nightmare. I had little hope left; I had already accepted that I had to manually enlist in this certain course. So I looked at my units nonchalantly and rolled my eyes as I expected to see 15/18 for the nth time, but there was something different this time around.

Screen: 18/18
Screen: 18/18
Still the same as yesterd—
Screen: 18/18
Wait. Wait.
Screen: 18/18
No way. Oh my God. Oh, my God. Is this real? IS IT???

And then I continued mumbling things that basically mean, “I can’t believe this”. Because it’s true—I couldn’t believe it. Is this what it feels like to win a beauty pageant? I have no idea, but I’m guessing that the level of happiness is equal. It’s like my heart, cold and dead and rotten, suddenly became colorful again as it burst with euphoria and rainbows and [other things related to happiness because I can’t think of anything else].

I told my sister, who high-fived me and told me to finalize my schedule immediately. I also told my parents, who were just as ecstatic as I was. And now I’m telling the internet because this type of happiness, for me, is like a rare Pokémon and I’d like it to become immortal. (Yet another sign that my brain is fucking weird.)

Award Speech

Oh, my goodness. Um, [sniffles] I’d like to thank….a lot of people [laugh]. I’d like to thank the Academy for [looks at the award shaped like the number 18] giving me this honor.

I would like to thank God—not just an expression, I’m literally talking about the Guy Up There. Most people would think that He doesn’t exist, and that’s perfectly okay. We all believe in different things and, in my case, I believe in Him. I’ve been distant from Him for a little while now and for that, I feel guilty. Despite the disastrous things that I’ve done, He never forgot to bless me with good things, including this one. So thank You, God.

My parents (and their two other children, my siblings), whom I think are the coolest bunch of people I’ve ever met. You guys are seriously awesome for so many reasons, and one of them is that you always believed in me. Thanks for everything.

Me, who was patient enough to wait a little longer before finalizing my schedule. Had you finalized my schedule earlier, I wouldn’t have gotten that slot. So thank you, Me, for being patient and for believing in…me. And for being great. You’re great.

And, of course, the three people who cancelled their slots for reasons unknown. I hope only good things will come your way. I hope you’ll get full units for the rest of your college life.

So, I may be exaggerating things here (who creates an award speech for something so petty, right? Right? Wrong, getting units in this university is hard as hell), but in all seriousness, I’m so grateful. My gratefulness is at an all time high right now because I don’t have to go through so much process just to get that certain course anymore. I thank everything in the universe for being great.

For the people out there who still don’t have the number of units that they need, I believe in you guys. You’re going to get them. Don’t give up, even if you think that you should. I’m rooting for you. [thumb up emoji]


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