School Has Started, But Classes Have Not (Sem-starter feels #3)

So today was underwhelming.

I had three classes (according to my schedule), and one of them was cancelled. I attended the other two, and both professors didn’t show up. This is because the first day of classes coincided with the freshman orientation and that’s totally cool with me; I still wasn’t in the mood to be a student, anyway.

But what’s not cool is the fact that I just wasted fourteen pesos from commuting because the two classes that I mentioned earlier didn’t even bother announcing that there wouldn’t be any class today. Maybe those mere fourteen pesos don’t seem much to other people, but it does to me because I am incredibly stingy and I hate it when my allowance isn’t spent on food. I could’ve used those bucks for another day when I actually have classes. What a waste, man.

But, okay, I’m not actually mad. I’m just a little weirded out that I had no classes on the first day of my sophomore year.


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