How to be in a Café without actually Being in One. (What?)

Fact + Fiction

If you’re a college student like me and you can’t afford to go to a cafe because a.) you don’t have extra money, or b.) you’re too lazy walk for about 10-15 minutes to your nearest cafe, here’s an easy peasy list on how to make yourself feel as if you’re in a cafe.


  1. I like to have something to drink before I start reading.
    Grab a mug and your preferred instant coffee mix. If you have a brewer though, that’s better.
    Pros and Cons of having a coffee brewer:
    – Your coffee would taste a whole lot better
    – It might smell nicer, too.
    – You might have to wait longer before you can have your coffee
    (This could become a pro for you, if you procrastinate, like me.)
  2. While waiting for your water to heat up, prepare your reading material.
    And your brain for…

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