Feminism: My Five-Paragraph Opinion

Feminism—why do we need it? It isn’t so that women could dominate the entire world. It’s not because they hate the male population, either (and if anybody thinks that it’s because of man hate, they need to know that it isn’t always about men).

I have read countless stories about women walking to parks and being catcalled by men, women who just want to wear what they want to wear outside their houses but get harassed for doing so, and women who get beaten up by men because they didn’t say “thanks” to their “compliments”.

illustration by Kendra Wells

But why are they not fighting back, right? It’s because they either get punched in the face, or they get called a bitch. Admittedly, the latter is still bearable, but when it becomes physical, you know that there’s something wrong with how, in general, men treat women.

Furthermore, it is so crystal clear that gender inequality exists. I mean, isn’t it weird that about 51% of the US population is comprised of women, yet only 19% are in Congress?[1] And what about that preposterous rule in the Saudi Arabia which states that women aren’t allowed to drive, but men can?

World domination? Man hate? Nah. Equality, respect, voice—these are what we want, these are what the world lacks, and this is why we need feminism.

This is a journal entry that I wrote on October 16th, 2014 for a Social Sciences course. Since some of the claims I made in the original entry lacked proof, I had to tweak a few sentences.


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