They Hate Us ‘Cause They Ain’t Us

…or, according to David Skylark from The Interview:

They hate us ‘cuz they anus.

As a UP student who watched this year’s UAAP Cheerdance Competition from beginning to end, I’m very frustrated with the results—like how any other UP student feels right now, probably.

I won’t elaborate my thoughts about the whole thing because this post would turn into a very ugly rant session if I will, but this is basically my opinion summed up in six words: UP didn’t deserve to be 3rd.

Many others share the same sentiments, and many more criticize UP students for not showing any sportsmanship. Maging aktibista na lang kayo, they said. Sayang lang ang buwis ko sa inyo, they complained.

These statements piss me off so much. I mean, okay, nothing new; they always say these things to the university and I should be desensitized by now, but there just comes a time when you kind of want it stop because, well, these guys are already overreacting, you know?

Exhibit A: Maging aktibista na lang kayo. Tutal, diyan naman kayo magaling. (Just go and become activists. After all, that’s what you’re good at.)

First of all, why is it so bad to be an activist? Is it because we’re “going against the government” who, apparently, funds the university (I’ll get into that later)? Is it because we’re actually standing up for something that many people refuse to acknowledge?

Second, whenever students hold a rally, it’s never without a good cause. I’ve never encountered any rally or protest that doesn’t call for justice, peace, and the likes. Sure, you guys may see it as annoying because UP students always “want a fight”, but would you rather have us be quiet about the injustices in the country—the corruptions that you always complain about on social media—that are affecting not just us, but also you?

Exhibit B: Diyan ba sa ugaling ‘yan napapapunta ang buwis ko? / Kami ang nagbabayad ng tuition niyo, tapos puro lang kayo protesta?! (basically: is that where my taxes are going—in protests and [blah, blah]?!)

Yes, UP is a public university. Yes, a big portion of your monthly pay goes to the government. But no, most of that money does not go to the university. So stop talking as if you own us or you have the right to tell us what to do with our college life. We’re not the ones who are wasting your money.

But I do agree on the ugali (attitude) thingy. I’m quite disappointed to see a lot of my fellow iskos/iskas tweeting mean things to the other universities after the UP Pep Squad’s performance. We really are the best in trash-talking.

Also, there really wasn’t a lack of sportsmanship during the UAAP CDC (at least in my opinion, there’s none). Had the NU Pep Squad avoided the obvious falls during pyramid formations, I would have thought that they really do deserve to win. But those falls did happen, and they weren’t even subtle in the least bit. And yet, they got the highest score for pyramid formations. Isn’t there something off about that? I mean, really, judges? An unfinished pyramid over a heart-shaped one? I really should stop unconsciously ranting.

Basically, the point of this post (and the title) is that these people who keep criticizing us for reacting negatively on the CDC results don’t seem to fully understand why we’re angry because they aren’t in our position. They only see what they want to see, which is UP as an elitist university with self-righteous activists as its students*.

And I really hope that this changes because we are much more than that.

Anyway, here’s the UP Pep Squad’s awesome performance:

Note: The contents of this post are solely based on my opinion and does not, in any way, reflect the opinion of other UP students. It’s all mine. If someone gets offended by this post, take it out on me and leave the university out of it.

* It may look like an exaggerated statement, but I once saw a comment like this on the internet. Can’t remember where.


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