How I Motivate Myself to Study

I don’t.

Nah, just kidding. But seriously, motivation is like that secret quest in a game that you have to unlock and complete in order to battle the final boss; it’s hard to find, and your gameplay won’t progress as long as you don’t complete it (a.k.a. you’re screwed in your exams and your chances of extending your stay in the university will increase a lot).

But hey, guess what—I think I’ve unlocked the quest. I think.

While I was organizing my reference blog on Tumblr, I came across a few links that led me to this quiet realm of the Tumblr community that is the studyblr. What the hell is a studyblr, you ask?

Study + Tumblr = studyblr

It’s weird and ironic, kind of like mixing two polar opposites together that aren’t supposed to work. Interestingly, these two do work and the blogs from this community helped me become more motivated in studying and taking notes. Seriously, they make taking notes seem so much fun.

They also do this thing called bullet journals, and to be honest I still have no idea how it works. I also don’t think I’ll be trying it because I’m bad at keeping my journals updated. It looks great, though, and it requires a lot of discipline because you’d be updating that journal everyday.

image by the arialligraphy project

However, their creative organizing and note-taking tips have made me impulsively buy a bunch of stationery that I didn’t really need before I knew about studyblr, such as cutesy sticky notes from Daiso and an assorted pack of colored pens. It almost cost me a hundred pesos and a few teardrops, but motivation, amirite?

Really, though. The only trick here is to make your notes look fun. Make it casual, as if you’re just jotting the lessons down on a journal. It’s college, after all, and your professors wouldn’t give a single baloney about how you take notes. But don’t make it so casual to the extent that it looks like a scrapbook that you did when you were a kid. Keep it clean.

Anyway, I’m not saying that delving into study blogs will surely motivate you to do great in school. We all have different ways to motivate ourselves, and this one just happens to be mine. I’m not planning to make a blog dedicated to studying, though.

Nu-uh. I’m not about that life.

Some examples of a study blog: studyign, ennui, studymuch


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