Sem-ender Feels 2.1

I feel like my sem-enders are becoming worse as my college life continues.

Exhibit A (Year 1, 1st Sem): my standing for a GE subject—this is a GE, mind you, it wasn’t even a major subject—was incomplete. I was a freshman, and I already had an INC on my record.

And it’s all because of my tiny mistake of putting my test paper on the wrong pile of papers. What a time to be alive.

Exhibit B (Year 1, 2nd Sem): 3 words, 20 letters; say it and I will come after you in your sleep—Library Research Paper. Never have I ever cried in front of MS Word until this douche of a paper entered in my life.

While all my batchmates have passed their LRPs and were already enjoying their vacation, I was pulling out my hair as I desperately tried to find any form of cultural appropriation on films that didn’t even appropriate any culture. Thank God I passed that course.

Exhibit C (current semester): I can’t even begin to explain how depressing this semester is, in terms of my academic life. I’m failing at almost all of my subjects and I’m not even sure which one of those I can still salvage.

Oh, wait. Can’t salvage any of those anymore because the semester ended last Wednesday. Ha-ha.

Do my parents know about this? No.

So my sem-ender feels right now? I’m in a limbo. I looked up the word to check if it’s the right term and, yup, that’s definitely where I am right now.

I just need to find a Leonardo diCaprio and Ellen Page to save me.*

Dear God, what have I done to my grades.

*If you get this reference, you are an awesome person.


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