Meeting Maple


On the 4th of December, a scruffy little kitten visited our house to scavenge some food. It was a mixed breed cat, a pusang kalye (literal trans. street cat), as we Filipinos call it.

As soon as I saw it waiting outside our front door, I called my sister because she’s the cat person in the household. About half an hour later, we had a pet, and we named it Maple.

Because apparently, there exists an internet famous cat called Waffles, so we had to settle for the syrup, which is just as nice.

Look at that dirty face. This was before we decided to give her a bath. © My sister

Maple isn’t one of those oh-so-cute cats you see on YouTube or Tumblr; her tail was cut (for some unknown reason), her physical appearance naturally looks kind of dirty, and she looks tired all the time.

Still, there was something about this kitten that we liked—but it’s definitely not the fleas.

This will be my first time taking care of a cat, so it’s kind of exciting for me. I hope she’ll look better in the future and I really hope she doesn’t run away because damn I just spent a ton of money for her grooming needs.


Also, she keeps rubbing her face on my hands and clothes; can’t really say if it’s because of the fleas or she’s leaving a scent.

Some cat advice will be very much appreciated. Please, guys. The last time I had a pet was when I was 10—they were 2 hamsters; one of them escaped and the other one lasted for a year before dying of depression because it was all alone.

So yeah, I hope that doesn’t happen to my cat, or any pet for that matter, ever.

Good luck to me (and to her, I guess).


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