The One Where We Went to Tagaytay

In my entire existence, I’ve probably gone to Tagaytay three or four times…I think? All I can recall whenever this place is mentioned are the field trips that I had in preschool:

  1. the time we went to the Tagaytay Zoo
  2. the time one of my classmates called the Taal Volcano Bulkang Mayon (Mayon Volcano), and;
  3. that moment when I saw a statue of Mother Mary and bowed to her repeatedly—embarrassing, I know, but I was like 5 that time so I get a pass.
We were able to see the sunset while on the road (and it’s much more beautiful than it seems).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tagaytay, it’s basically a mountainous (kind of?) place and is a popular tourist spot, especially during the summer because of the cold weather.

When my family and I stayed there for three days to attend a wedding on December 13th, it wasn’t just cold; it was very fucking cold. Probably because we went in December. And there was a storm.

Good times.

The first day wasn’t eventful for us at all. Since we arrived at the rented apartment (that we discovered on Airbnb—a useful website for travellers in the PH) at evening, we decided to just settle down and buy some groceries at the nearby mall.

The view from the balcony of our apartment

We also decided to check out the venue of the wedding—a chapel inside the Tagaytay Highlands—but unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to enter until the day of the wedding.

The second day was “the big day”. My dad was diagnosed with amoebiasis early in the morning for some reason and, for about 4 hours inside that apartment, everything was chaotic.

And the most basic outfit of the year goes to… (me, obvs) this was literally my outfit for the wedding.
  • My mom didn’t want to attend the wedding without my dad because it would mean that she had to walk the aisle (as a godparent ) alone.
  • My Dad wasn’t feeling good. At all.
  • There were five of us—three women, two men. This meant that a lot of makeup shit was about to happen for the next few hours.
  • And we all know how chaotic it can sometimes be.
  • Also, the road to the chapel inside the Highlands is one hell of a drive I mean, God, we (well, my Dad) were driving in zigzag roads for about 15 minutes. Dude.

But like the headstrong The Incredibles-esque family that we are, we were able to attend the wedding before it started.

The wedding was very extravagant, okay. Huge centerpieces and everything. During the reception, my siblings and I were dumped in a table without our parents, with people we didn’t know. Do I have to mention that it was awkward? Because it was.

I also loved the pica pica thing where you can choose which snack you want to devour eat. Ooh, and the candy bar! Gotta love the candy bar.

That night, we ate at a restaurant near the mall and it was almost 11PM, I think? Yes, this family is nocturnal. Pamana (the restaurant) was not a disappointment at all; the food satisfied our late night cravings and its aesthetic makes you feel like you’ve traveled 50 years back.

These are pictures of famous Filipino actresses; however, I have no fucking idea who’s who.

The third day was basically us spending time (and money) at the Mall as we do our traditional Christmas shopping.

And now I’ve realized that we didn’t really do much in Tagaytay. It felt like we experienced a lot, though. And I wouldn’t hesitate to go back there because, compared to my hometown, that place is the North Pole.

Here’s hoping that we get to try the zipline next time.


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