Campus Chill

It’s been oddly cold here in LB* for the past three days.

Usually, January (or any month, actually) here means jean shorts, flip-flops, and that ₱18 ice cream at 7-Eleven. Not complaining about the current weather, though—being the winter child that I am, I was even in love with it.

And seeing the campus people** with their jackets wrapped around them made me giddy inside because it reminded me of December in the UAE; chilly winds, occasional drizzles, et cetera, et cetera.

So to show my love for the January weather here in my hometown, I gave poetry another shot and rhymed some words during my spare time. Don’t expect it to be a great one, though, because in case you don’t know, I specialize in writing shitty poems.

Cold days of January,
How memorable they were.
If months were types of flavors,
The first month, I would prefer.

The breeze touching my skin
Eases any pain that I feel.
And the drizzle; those joyful droplets
God, I cannot deal.

Jackets and sweaters and layers
Swarm the campus all day.
Oh sweet, sweet January,
You’ve made the campus a runway.

But then one day, they suddenly stopped;
The rain, the wind, and all things cold.
Sadly, this chilly, wintery January
Was nothing but a tale to be told.

*LB — an acronym for Los Baños, a small town in Laguna (which is a province here in the PH).
**This is what I’m calling every person on the university campus from now on: campus people.



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