Have A Nice Day! (A Playlist)

I made a thing.

No, not that illustration (which was created by Nan Sinchai, for those who are wondering). I made a playlist full of upbeat songs that get me all happy and positive whenever I’m feeling crappy and miserable. Which is most of the time, to be honest.

You can listen to it here or you can click the photo above because that’s much more fun.


  1. Fall by The Vamps
  2. Fashion by The Royal Concept
  3. Rest of Your Life by The Sam Willows
  4. Get It Right by Oh Honey
  5. Heartbeat by Matt Kearney
  6. No Matter Where You Are by Us the Duo
  7. Summertime by The Mowgli’s
  8. Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men
  9. Spare Time by Tides
  10. On the Floor by The Vamps
  11. Get Ready For It by Take That

I also made a similar playlist last year. Check it out!


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