Managing Maple

It’s been more than two months since we adopted the street kitten that is now Maple and, if you’re aware of her appearance back then, it’s pretty clear that we’ve been managing her quite well.

We’ve taken her to the vet a couple of times, bathed her with herbal soap and anti-mange shampoos, dewormed her, bought her cat stuff—in other words, we spent a ton of money for this ball of fur.

I don’t know if everyone else in the household feels the same way, but I now adore her much more compared to last December. Sure, she’s the Godzilla in my grandmother’s city of neatly organized plants, but she’s also this attention-seeking sunshine that’s evoking rays of positivity in the house.

Although I’m still kind of upset (and a bit embarrassed) that I had to climb on an unstable tree and run around the roof of both our house AND the apartment next door just to stop her from jumping onto another house’s roof.

maple and me
Maple (L) and me (R) on the roof

But I guess it’s just one of the many unwanted adventures that I’d have to face as a cat owner. To be honest, I had never really considered myself as a cat person (I’ve always wanted a golden retriever and I’ll never stop wanting one) until Maple arrived.

And I’m grateful that she did because now I’m both a cat and dog person. [insert cat emoji & dog emoji(?) here]


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