When classes get boring.

sosc1 doodles

I don’t normally doze off in class. The last time I did was when I was in 1st grade, I think, and I literally felt disoriented when I woke up. “Why am I not in my house,” my brain slurred, “and why aren’t I on my bed?”

To this date, I still haven’t slept in any of my college classes—not that I’m planning to do so in the future. However, when things get really, really boring because my professor’s voice is that of a soothing mother who’s putting her infant to sleep, my eyelids just can’t help but drop.

So I fight the urge to sleep by doodling. (Don’t judge me, okay, it’s a doodle not a blueprint.)

A little background info: this class talks about the basic topics in sociology: its history, the concepts, theories, other social sciences, the whole shebang.

For a better understanding of my doodlecrap:

  1. The flag of France. We were talking about the impact of the French Revolution in sociology.
  2. The bust of Aristotle. This was where I realized I can’t draw hair for shit.
  3. A Pantheon-inspired building. As you can see, the letters don’t make sense. I just tried to recall all the Greek letters I encountered in my math and statistics subjects lol please don’t kill me .
  4. Adolf Hitler, obviously. Just to make things crystal clear, I’m not a Nazi sympathizer. A picture of him popped up in one of the Powerpoint slides and I thought, “Oh hey, Hitler seems easy to draw.” Turns out, he’s not.
  5. I have no flippin’ idea.
  6. No idea, either. But this is where I realized that I’m also not good at drawing 3D boxes (which is like the most basic thing a person can draw).

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