My OPM Journey

Growing up, I loved listening to Original Pinoy Music (OPM)—remember the popular rock bands that always showed up on MYX, circa 2006? Sponge Cola, Kamikazee, Callalily, that kind of stuff? Yeah, I headbanged to those songs, especially the Eraserheads and APO remakes. That is until I moved to another country and became distant from the genre.

But to be honest, I’m glad I wasn’t interested in OPM during 2009-10 because, for me, it was just a mess that time. P-Pop, as people like to call it, is just not my thing. Isn’t also a blatant copy of K-Pop? I mean, Pop Girlsand XLR8 kind of imitated the music video aesthetics of 2NE1 and Super Junior, didn’t they? I guess they’re just following the trend, but still.

So yeah, I’m thankful that I avoided that OPM era.

After moving back to the Philippines for college, I had the stereotype that OPM was still filled with teeny bopper songs that annoyed the bejeezus out of me, so I just completely ignored its existence. But then, I realized that I was only looking at one of the many sides of OPM: the mainstream side.

Currently, I’m in love with the discography of The Ransom Collective. Their songs remind me of Of Monsters And Men, for some reason.

And thanks to my friends, classmates, summits I’ve attended, and university events, I was exposed to the indie scene, which—guys, I’m telling you—is just wonderful. I’m offended at myself for thinking that today’s OPM is just a messy combination of K—B— and D—P— songs**. Mainstream isn’t also a bad thing, either. There are just some occasional bad apples here and there; actually, it’s just all about preference. I can’t really judge you if you’re into KB songs.

I mean I can, but I won’t tell it to your face lmao.

Is this considered mainstream? I think it is. I don’t really know.

Basically, I’ve now come full circle and am back to listening to OPM. That’s literally the point of this post. Goodnight.

*Oh my God, fetus Nadine Lustre is so adorable though.
**To be clear, I don’t have anything against their songs—okay that was clearly a lie, I totally have something against KB’s songs. Particularly, her singing voice that doesn’t actually exist.



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