Sem-ender Feels 2.2

Okay, this post is probably three days too late—the semester officially ended last Friday, May 20th. But of course, being a student in this atrocious university, these dates don’t really mean anything because there will always be that one paper that would extend its deadline beyond the semester. Always.

Anyway, I’ve finished some of my (written) tasks for our multi-media plan and the only things I have to worry about are the budget plan and the revisions for the media materials, so I’m taking a short break from that to write this post.*

I’m not trying to be fake deep here or anything, but this semester was truly enlightening for me, as a student whose direction seems to be going nowhere. I really did learn a lot, and I’m not just talking about the academic-related lessons.** It’s only right that I should learn a lot from my classes because they’re too fucking expensive to waste.

Time management. I feel like I’m always learning and re-learning this every year, but this time, I became really conscious of time and how I’m using/wasting it.

During the first day of the semester, one of my classmates in an elective course knew that we were in the same degree because, according to her, she noticed that I kept arriving late at our major classes last semester. It was, to be honest, embarrassing.

This was when I realized just how lax I was last semester. I know I told myself to be chill in college, but damn, I didn’t mean to be that chill.

(Un)procrastinating. I don’t know how to explain this, but that feeling of doing something without cramming, and then accomplishing it days (or even hours) before the deadline is one of the most blissful things a student can feel. I am screaming at myself for not realizing this until this semester (when I’m almost a third-year student).

Actually studying. My parents are going to kill me if they find out that, for the past semesters, I was only winging it when it comes to exams. Now that I’ve become more aware of the consequences of doing this (ie. not exempted from the final exams), I feel ridiculous and disappointed at my past self. Imagine the higher grades that I could’ve gotten had I studied better for my subjects. Just imagine.

Extracurriculars. Yes, participating in activities that aren’t academic-related may seem like a hassle, especially when you’re already struggling with your majors (a.k.a. me). But for me, these activities serve as my “breathing space”. I get to focus on something else (that is much more productive and relevant than Twittering or Tumblring) that doesn’t concern my grades and, most of the time, I get to have fun.

So, there ya go. A lot of learning done, and a lot more to come. This semester was great—not fun, but great. I also love the fact that I don’t have a library research paper to worry about, so there’s that.

Here’s to a greater semester next Augu—oh, wait. I’m taking a midyear class.

*It has become a tradition for me to post a sem-ender feel every end of the semester and I’m not about to break my streak.

** Did I learn a lot about Adolf Hitler? Yes, so much so that he appeared in my dreams one time.


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