Organizing My Folders

I’m in a slump. A summer slump, to be exact. I only have two weeks before midyear classes start and I don’t want to spend each day just rolling around my bed. But then, I don’t have enough money to try out new things outside the house. Also, all the cool places that I want to visit are outside the town. Hell, even the nearest cinema is outside of town.

Basically, I’m bored. I feel like after experiencing one hell of a semester, it just seems weird for me to not do anything—to not be stressed.

So to ease this weird feeling, I’ve decided to become productive for the next couple of weeks…pseudo-productive, that is. (Because who are we kidding I can’t even stay productive for 2 minutes.)

My first try at being pseudo-productiveTM is organizing my laptop files, folders, and other documents I probably never knew I had. This whole post is a step-by-step process of how I organize my scheiße, but it’s not really helpful, to be honest.

So why am I sharing this on my blog, you ask? I have no idea either.

Setting the Mood

The first and most crucial step in organizing your life laptop is choosing your musicSpotify, 8tracks, your music library—whatever it is, it will save your life from the long and boring process of organizing. Trust me.

Now that your ears are blessed with whatever you’re listening to, it’s time to crack your knuckles because this is where shit happens.

But where do you start?

Step deux: don’t get overwhelmed (unlike me lmao). You’ll especially be prone to this if you have tons of untouched files on your folders titled, asdfghjkl.docx or Untitled-1.psd.

The trick here is to face your fears; start with the most disorganized part of your laptop and tell yourself, It’s going to be okay. This will all be organized by the end of the day.

Chant it. Make it your life mantra.

Scroll through your files. If you see a picture or file that makes you sentimental, but you don’t really need it anymore, throw it. You know it’s trash. Stop lying to yourself.

Pro tip: if you see a pattern in some of your files (eg. you have a lot of reaction GIFs scattered around your folder), make a separate folder for them.

Keeping Folders Sophisticated

My favorite part is choosing an awesome icon for my folders. Being the finicky person that I am, I never settle for the ~basic~ icons. I only use the high quality, hand-sewn custom folders especially made to walk the runway for Autumn/Winter 16-17 Fashion Week.

Okay, seriously, custom foldersThey’re a great way to make your folders look more personalized and distinctive. If you’re unaware of how to change the folder icon, here’s how it works:

1. Right click the folder you want to customize, then go to Properties.
2. Go to the Customize/Customise tab, and then choose Change Folder Icon.
3. If you want the premade Windows icons, choose from the icons that should appear
when you click the "Change Folder Icon" button.
4. If you donwloaded a custom folder, click Browse and go to the file location of your
downloaded icons.

I mainly go to deviantart when looking for custom folders. I’m fond of those that look like a drawing, so I usually use Raindropmemory’s creations.

One of the custom icons created by Raindropmemory.

Of course, there are many more options to choose from. It’s just that I’m not really interested enough to look for them and take a screenshot LOL.

Letting Go

The best part about Spring Cleaning (Laptop Ver.) is permanently deleting everything in your Recycle Bin or, as I have renamed it, Trash. I think it’s common sense to do this, but just to be sure, scroll through those files one last time and make sure you didn’t delete anything important.

My God, don’t hold me accountable if you’ve accidentally deleted your 100-page research paper that’s due tomorrow.

And then, Delete. Click Yes. Watch as those then-useful, now-useless files disappear before your very eyes. Watch as your Recycle Bin empties its contents, ridding your laptop of the unwanted baggage it never knew it had.

Now, breathe a sigh of relief. Pat yourself on the back because your life is now 0.00001% more organized.


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