It’s Day 2 (three? Four? I don’t really remember) of my two-week vacation and I’m still trying to find something pseudo-productive to do while I still have the luxury of time.

While I was mentally browsing through the options that I have in the house, I suddenly remembered that we have a piano by the living room; not just one, but two pianos. Also, I know how to play the piano.

Put two and two together and you’ll find an 18-year-old hobbit lying on her bed, wondering why the hell she didn’t think of playing the piano if she’s that bored.

Yes, I’m talking about myself.

Can you guess the title of the sheet music?

As part of the pseudo-productivityTM bullcrap that I’m currently doing, I finally decided to try and learn a new piece, after realizing that I’ve been playing the same one every time someone asks me to play the piano. (God, I know that if I keep doing this, people would be bound to think that it’s the only one I can play.)

The funny thing is that this isn’t really a “new” piece; I’ve had this sheet music for quite a while now—about two years, I think? And I did try to learn it the first time, but it turned out to be much harder than I expected so I just dropped it and moved on to another piece.

Surprise! It’s Melted by Akdong Musician.

The tempo, for me, was the primary culprit of the difficulty level of the piece. See that Swing Feel Throughout instruction that’s written on the sheet music? Yeah, as someone who only knows how to play the piano on an intermediate level, Swing Feel Throughout is kind of a difficult task for me to do.

BUT NOW I HAVE RETURNED. I have gathered enough courage (and boredom) to try and re-learn this piece while I still can. Wish me luck, dear creatures. My fingers will probably rebel against me by the time my two weeks are over.

Melted MV Appreciation Corner: this is my most favorite title track by Akdong Musician because of the symbolism not just of the music video, but of the words as well. As taken from a Reddit post: Something a lot of people aren’t aware of is the wordplay behind the song. Ice (어름들) sounds almost identical to the word for Adults (어른들). Basically, if you were fluent in Korean you would hear, “why are [the adults] so cold (aka cruel)”.

Here’s a more elaborate explanation of the MV, if you’re interested.


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