An Untitled Thought

While doing a spring cleaning of sorts on my laptop, I stumbled upon this interesting Word document that I can only assume I wrote during my freshman year in college. It was simply titled, “draft”, and it’s basically me having a minor midlife crisis because I couldn’t clearly explain what development exactly was.

And to be honest, to this day, I still cannot.

Development has been part of my vocabulary for as long as I remember, therefore making it hard for me to explain what it means to me in my opinion. It’s like making me describe the color red. How do you explain it? Where do you start? How?

“Describe the color red.”
“Well first things first, its shade is red.”

“What is development?”
“It’s the process of something being developed.”

It sucks knowing that it’s possible to describe it in a way that you don’t use the cliché words, but you can’t quite find the right terms. It sucks so much that I am doubting my own mind and intelligence. Am I really intelligent? Or am I just used to a shitty school system that I, an ordinary person, find myself intelligent?

So many questions, so many worries. I have probably written more than a hundred words, but I still haven’t thought of a decent answer to a question that I should find easy as a university student with a course involving development.

Development happens inevitably; sometimes it takes a very long time for it to happen, but it does. But it’s only possible if something or someone exerts an effort for something to develop. For instance, when a young bird doesn’t want to leave its nest to learn to fly, it will stay there forever until its death. But when it makes the effort to flap its wings and risks falling flat on the ground, it has taken the first step in learning to fly. That is development right there.

In my opinion, development happens only if you want it to happen, because an idea cannot make progress/be developed unless you make an effort to do so.


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