My Weekend, in Photos (Mostly)

Starting tomorrow (Monday), the midyear classes in our university would begin, so I tried my best to make my last chill weekends great.

Here’s an overview of my chill weekend: yesterday, my sister and I traveled to Manila—a 2-hour bus ride from our town if you’re lucky enough to dodge the traffic jams—to meet up with our high school friends at SM North. To be clear: we don’t have the same social circle; we went our “different paths” once our own friends separately arrived.

Today, I literally just chilled. I allowed myself to rest after yesterday because the bus ride on the way home took 5 hours—FIVE.

But, okay, without further ado:


I. My friend (plus her brother) and I decided to meet inside the National Bookstore at about 10, which was convenient for me because I was planning to look for some mildliners. But, alas, my companions for the day caught on the Manila traffic and arrived at 11.

What did I do while they were on the way? I practically roamed around the whole store, to the point where I already seemed suspicious to the security guards there. I ended up buying a highlighter (B&W photo above) because a.) they don’t sell mildliners at NBS, and b.) I needed to get my I-Am-Not-Suspicious consumer reputation back.

II. We watched Now You See Me 2. My verdict: eh, the first one was better. I might make a crappy commentary (review) of it in the future.

III. Yes, that’s me with the dark circles in the 4th photo. I still look like a smol child despite the stress and I’m starting to wonder if my parents accidentally dropped me in the Fountain of Youth when I was a baby.

IV. Whenever I stumble upon an Auntie Anne’s stall, you bet your ass I’ll buy something there. I love pretzels. Pretzels are the best. Thank you, universe, for their existence.


I. Yup, it’s Independence Day in the Philippines today. And what better way to celebrate our independence day than to eat at the most Filipino restaurant out there? ‘Sup, Jollibee.

II. And, yeah, we tried making an Illuminati Jollibee out of their french fry box. I think I got too high eating their combo meal. (Emphasis on the combo meal because that shit is da bomb.)

III. We bought some fruits for our grandmother and I didn’t know this certain fruit existed until last week. My own self never ceases to amaze me with my ignorance.

IV. We also (spontaneously) bought some soy milk for our grandmother so we can urge her to drink some—she doesn’t like soy milk for fear that it would give her gout. But it’s chocolate, so hopefully she would take an interest in it because, if not, I’ll be the one binging on that milk LOL.


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