The Importance of Fireworks

Back in 2013, when I was still in high school and I lived with my family back in the UAE, we would have this sort of tradition where we would go to a popular landmark (eg. Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, The Palm, etc.) and watch the fireworks explode in extravagance before our eyes.

Out of all the places where we’ve celebrated the New Year, my personal favorite was the Burj Khalifa—my parents can attest to this statement. Every turn of the year, I would urge them to celebrate there, despite the fact that we’ve seen it more than twice already and my parents are dead tired of the place.

New Year 2014 at Burj Al Arab.

If you’ve seen their fireworks display twice, aren’t you tired of it as well? For some reason, I never got tired of the Burj (or the Dubai Mall, or the whole Downtown area). Maybe it’s because of the extravagance it exudes; maybe because I was right in front of the tallest building in the world, while other people I knew weren’t, and I took pride in that.

Maybe it’s because I thought that if we celebrated the New Year in such a lavish area, it would mean that our New Year would be a great one.

I was a shallow kid back then, okay, let me learn.

New Year 2014 at The Palm.

Now that I’m all Grown Up™, I’ve come to realize just how juvenile my thoughts were about celebrating the holidays. Can you believe that my deciding factor when choosing a place to celebrate the New Year were the fireworks? I didn’t care if I’ve already seen the same fireworks display a billion times as long as it was extravagant.

It was stupid, I know. But the importance of fireworks—in a literal sense—doesn’t really mean anything to me anymore. What’s now important to me is the feeling that I would get when the butterflies in my stomach fly in euphoric madness as I see my parents’ faces in the Dubai Airport this December. What’s now important to me is that we would be as complete as the Parr Family in the last scene of the Incredibles when we celebrate New Year 2017.

I now dub my family, the “-Ber Bunch”, because we were all born between September and November.

tl;dr: Fireworks are great. Also, I want it to be December already so I can go back home.

And now my epiphanic, albeit spontaneous, reflection ends here.


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