Enrollment Frustrations

My beloved university, UPLB, is currently going through shit*. Everyone is angry, and if they’re not angry, they’re probably sleeping because they had been up all night trying to get the subjects that they shouldn’t even be fighting for, to begin with.

Also, the time of the enrollment was 12AM. So spare us. You don’t know what it’s like.

There are three ways this whole fiasco can go:

1.) SAIS reverts everyone’s units back to 0. The whole nightmare starts from the beginning again. Equality within all students, yes, but we’ve already experienced how shitty the website’s server is; if we repeat the whole thing again, it’s highly likely that the server will crash, just like before. Let’s not forget about the time, money, and effort that would be wasted if this will be the path that the UP System takes. On the other hand, this will benefit the irregular students (seriously, though, this term is degrading).

2.) SAIS doesn’t do anything. Well, apparently they’re “fixing” the servers. Very beneficial for those who have gotten their units, but disadvantageous for those who haven’t. It also defeats the supposed equality that this system is trying to achieve—obviously, they’re failing miserably.

3.) SAIS is null, SystemOne is reborn (again). This basically has the same outcome as the first situation, but instead of using SAIS again, we’d be using SystemOne. The developer says S1 needs at least a day to update its data, which would mean a delay to the whole semester (which, personally, I cannot afford because I’ve already bought a plane ticket out of this hellhole). The recommended courses aren’t updated on the site. Unlike SAIS, the subjects would have to be inputted one by one. The most probable outcome would be that each student would have at least 3 units, but most of them wouldn’t have a complete set of units. However, this would mean that UPLB students wouldn’t have to compete with the other UP campuses when it comes to logging onto the site.

(Really, UP, you gave everyone the same date of enrollment? When your precious billion peso baby can’t even handle the student body of a single campus?)

Either way, the UP System has fucked the whole student body over and everyone is turning against each other. It doesn’t really matter which decision we’ll make—either way, students would cry foul and the hashtag, #JunkSAIS, would have a strong number of supporters.

As for me, I just really, really want this to be over. With a good ending, if that’s still even possible.

*Or maybe, going to shit. Or maybe both.


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