Well, well.

Just a little update, I guess.

I haven’t really written anything (aside from my Arrival post) because of two reasons: a.) my academic and organization life had taken over my life last semester; and b.) it’s as if I lost my ability to write. Even now, I’m struggling to let the words flow freely.

But now I’m back and ready to churn out all the things I couldn’t write! Basically, this post will be a mess.

The Academic Life

Despite not having as much time to write as I used to have during the first half of 2016, I’m actually okay with it because I was able to give myself some time to focus on something I’ve long neglected: my grades.

My GWA (our university’s version of the GPA) seriously plummeted during my sophomore year and, not wanting to repeat the same mistakes again, I began to take my academics seriously once junior year began rolling. Thankfully, my grades for the first semester were high enough to pick my GWA back up. I’m planning to continue this Responsible Self™ thing because, kids, it actually feels awesome to be responsible!

I wasn’t supposed to look like a person going to a resort.

One of the most memorable things I experienced last semester would probably be my oral exam for my communication theory class, in which we donned costumes that we could relate to a theory or tradition. It was for an additional score (that I believe saved my ass from this hell of a subject).

I was the Ice Bucket Challenge. The IBC phenomenon can be explained through the semiotic tradition, specifically, Roland Barthes’ semiotics. Basically, he stated that the signs can sometimes change meanings. The IBC was initially meant to raise awareness about ALS, and then there came a time when it was reduced as a trend to make people famous…or something. Nonetheless, my professors loved it.

Speaking of acads, it’s sad to think that I didn’t write any Sem Starter and Sem Ender posts. I guess junior year marked the end of a tradition.

The Vacation I Badly Needed

For Winter 2016, I spent my time with my family in the UAE—this is a big, big deal for me because I haven’t stepped on Emirati territory since 2014 and man, was I deprived.

I won’t be posting everything that I did during my vacation in this blog post; instead, I *might* make a bunch of posts. But that depends on my laziness LMAO.

Anyway, I really missed everything about UAE and I’m glad that I spent literally every single day going to places I wasn’t able to visit back when I still lived there.

I also watched this nice K-Drama called Goblin. I can’t count how many times I shrieked in pain because of this series.

Myself, Currently

Honestly, this week was like a boulder smashing my whole existence flat. One, my umbrella was stolen at the library as the heavy rain poured for hours (it was an IKEA umbrella, okay, I am HURT).

Two, my reputation as a groupmate is gradually getting worse because of unpredictable events. Like my umbrella being stolen by some sorry excuse of a human being, which forced me to be 30 minutes late for an important group meeting.

And then there’s this constant feeling that I’m the Dispensable Friend. The girl in the social circle that nobody would miss if she suddenly disappeared. I mean, I could be okay with it if I expected this circle to be a temporary thing. But then, the hangouts that happened last year made me believe that this circle could be legit, so I would never have thought that being a Dispensable Friend is still possible in college. My God, I thought these things only happen in high school.

Anyway, it’s something that I have to live and deal with. I may be dispensable in that circle, but I still know my self-worth (I’m important to me) and I guess that’s enough LOL.

My penmanship is that of an 8 year old’s.

For this semester, I decided to ditch my Sol Calendar and transfer to my beautiful Muji planner. I’m actually enjoying it so far because I can freely write/draw anything. It’s like a bullet journal, but a low maintenance version of it.

The Future of Everything

I’m going to be a true millennial here and tell myself to wing it.

Except my acads—don’t wing that shit. Work your butt off, enjoy the success later.


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