Happy 5th Birthday, Blog!

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A note to myself: please get a job already.


A Silver Lining of Sorts

In my entire existence, there are only two things on my long list of life goals that I consider to be non-negotiable: 1.) pass UP’s college admission test (UPCAT), and 2.) graduate on time, which was on June 2018.

Obviously, I was able to achieve the first one (even though I seriously believed that I wouldn’t) so a big pat on the back for me for fulfilling that. The second one—eh, I didn’t get to do that.

I could ramble about the many possible reasons why it happened while shedding a tear every half a second, but I’ve already done that and it was exhausting. Plus, what’s done is done; I managed to graduate one semester later and, not to be optimistic, but I think things worked out for the better. Here are a few reasons why:

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20-year-old me being Soft

20 September 2017, 11:24am

I don’t even know how exactly I got involved with these 10 people, but I sincerely hope I never lose them. I was never the one to be sappy and attached towards someone, let alone a group of people, but for some reason, they were able to break my emotional wall and now I’m in too deep in this relationship because I’ve become too attached to them.

I’m going to be so, so sad if something negative would happen to us. I pray to God that this thing, whatever this may be, will be a permanent thing.

Flames (on the side of my face)

I’ve never been good at writing poems and I think I’ve said that enough. Yet for some reason, every time I feel something so intensely, I still decide to channel this feeling into phrases and sentences that rhyme.

I don’t remember when I wrote this one, but damn son, whoever the subject of this poem is, you must really be despicable lmao.

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2018 Favorites!!

This may be the most cliche/basic blog post I’ve ever written. But hey! There’s no harm in sharing the things that made my 2018 better.

This list will contain three favorites from the following categories: music, TV series, and movies. Yes, I’m aware that they’re all related to pop culture. To be fair, though, I am a slave to pop culture.

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