Three Years of Maple

It’s been three years since Maple, a (former) stray kitten, had decided to stay in our residence for good. Not much has changed about her, except for the fact that she has ballooned into a fat ball of fur, kind of like a stuffed animal that had too much stuffing put into it.

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On Journalists and Journalism

In one of my development journalism classes, our professor would always ask our opinion on different national issues (in exchange for incentives). Since I took this subject around the time when the 2016 elections were taking place in the Philippines, most of our discussions revolved around the credibility of journalists, fake news, and the mass media.

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Sad Songs for Rainy Days

Being sad may be one of the worst feelings out there. But then, there comes a moment when you just want to listen to gloomy songs even though you don’t feel sad at all because, say, the weather is perfect for listening to sad songs. Here are the 10 “sad” songs that I listen to whenever that moment comes.

Browse through the list, read through my understanding of the songs if you’re into that, and let’s drown in melancholy together.

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T.E.A.M.R.D: Treasure Hunting

Confused? This post will explain everything.

A bulleted summary of what happened during the first stage of The Expensive Adventures of Makeup Rookie Dianne (TEAMRD):

  • I was only supposed to buy one (1) eyeshadow stick
  • I decided that maybe I should buy an eyeshadow stick, eyeshadow palette, contour palette, and brush set.
  • Even today, I’m still indecisive about the products I’ll be buying
  • The grand total of these items is heckin’ expensive pesos gold coins

And now, I’m going to spend these gold coins. Folks, I’m going on a hunt—a treasure hunt. [CSI: Miami opening theme plays]

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