On Journalists and Journalism

In one of my development journalism classes, our professor would always ask our opinion on different national issues (in exchange for incentives). Since I took this subject around the time when the 2016 elections were taking place in the Philippines, most of our discussions revolved around the credibility of journalists, fake news, and the mass media.

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Mac & Cheese in a Mug (An experiment)

Back in my senior high school days, I was obsessed with mug recipes (thank you, Tumblr masterposts); they’re quick, easy, and perfect for lazyheads like me. However, the recipes that I tried would only always be for mug cakes, and never for omelettes, pasta, or some other discount-gourmet food.

This year, I’ve decided to up my mug recipe game by trying out Tasty’s 5-minute Mac & Cheese.

Will it work? Is it going to be delicious? I’m here to find out.

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Film Dump: Love and Stuff

Despite fretting over my thesis revisions last month, I still somehow managed to watch a lot of films. Surprisingly, most of them were pretty good; some, not so much. For this film dump, I’ll be talking about the romance films (and a coming-of-age film) I’ve watched in the month of August.

P.S. This post is spoiler-free! But if you’re one of those people who prefer to not know anything about the movie before watching it, proceed with caution.


  1. Siargao
  2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
  3. My Girl

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DCOMs: My Thoughts Then vs. Now

I was a Disney kid. I probably consumed everything that Disney Channel aired circa 1998-2006, from shows like Lizzie McGuire to animated series such as Recess. Well, at least that was what Disney Channel Asia was airing.

From time to time, I’d also get to watch the iconic Disney Channel Original Movies, DCOM for short. I love love watching these back then because I wanted to be a part of the main characters’ adventures in the film and, honestly, I still kind of want to sometimes.

But, again, those were the days when my thoughts were Innocent™ and whimsical, so I decided to watch some of the films again to see if, after 10 years, my thoughts about them have changed.

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