On Journalists and Journalism

In one of my development journalism classes, our professor would always ask our opinion on different national issues (in exchange for incentives). Since I took this subject around the time when the 2016 elections were taking place in the Philippines, most of our discussions revolved around the credibility of journalists, fake news, and the mass media.

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Sem-ender Feels 3.2

As the last week of my existence as a third year college student rolls in, I am filled with dread, disappointment, and lots of questions. Is the semester really ending? What will happen to my grades? Why does it feel like I’m still stuck in the middle of the race track, while everyone else seems to be preparing to step on the finish line?

Basically, I feel like I’m ten steps behind everyone and, no matter how fast I try to run to catch up to them, they’re still way ahead of me (not that it’s their fault).

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Enrollment Frustrations

My beloved university, UPLB, is currently going through shit*. Everyone is angry, and if they’re not angry, they’re probably sleeping because they had been up all night trying to get the subjects that they shouldn’t even be fighting for, to begin with.

Also, the time of the enrollment was 12AM. So spare us. You don’t know what it’s like.

There are three ways this whole fiasco can go:

1.) SAIS reverts everyone’s units back to 0. The whole nightmare starts from the beginning again. Equality within all students, yes, but we’ve already experienced how shitty the website’s server is; if we repeat the whole thing again, it’s highly likely that the server will crash, just like before. Let’s not forget about the time, money, and effort that would be wasted if this will be the path that the UP System takes. On the other hand, this will benefit the irregular students (seriously, though, this term is degrading).

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05 July 2016 // 8:26pm

I’m eating statistics (and drinking cheap coffee) for dinner tonight.

We’ll have our prefinal exam next Thursday and I’m honestly so scared because I still can’t grasp the concepts in sampling distributions.

Good thing it’s a holiday tomorrow; hopefully, I’d be able to use the time to understand difficult topics instead of binge-watching the first season of Orphan Black.

09 June 2016 // 12:25pm

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to find a cute notebook that i could use for my statistics class next week. I failed to find one, so my sister decided to make one for me, and the photo above is the end product!

It’s all handmade—we printed the pages ourselves, made the cover ourselves, etc. but!!! we got the rabbits on the internet, so credits to whoever made these adorable drawings. I can’t wait to use this notebook.

Here’s a tutorial on how we made the notebook!

Taken from my studyblr post.