Deceitful looks were flashed onscreen,
Intelligible words masking Their schemes.
A bright light shines, Their faces pristine,
Newsflash: everything you see is not what it seems.
Naive and blinded, the people become mute;
Every lie that They make, people see as the truth.
Fearing oppression, we rally the youth.
Let us learn from history and advocate by foot.
Our future awaits, now gather the crowd; let’s
Raise our fists and make our Motherland proud.

Written on November 26, 2016.


symptoms of caffeine

i think i drank too much coffee again.
my heart can’t stop pounding, my anxieties won’t end.

the caffeine in my blood is sending chills down my spine,
but i really need this coffee—i hope i’ll be fine.

i tried drinking some water to calm all my thoughts,
yet here i am sitting with my stomach in knots.

but i know that this coffee will save me tonight;
i need to keep studying until i see the daylight.

so i bear with the jitters and the feeling of nausea
(i don’t really care if this leads to insomnia.)

i’m used to the anxiety and there’s no time to whine
i’ll drink one more coffee—i know i’ll be fine.

Hi, I’m Dianne and sometimes I make grade school-level poetry.

A Study Schedule

Oh look, I made a new printable. It seems like I always make one whenever a new academic year starts. Is it a good thing? I don’t know.

But here it is! I made a study schedule because I need to spend my time wisely this upcoming semester and I can also test my discipline with this printable. (Will I be able to stick to my schedule? Again, I don’t know.)

It comes with four colors; I’m never satisfied with only one.

The design is also pretty simple, so I’m sure it’ll match with your other printables!

I hope you like them and that you’ll use them for the upcoming school year!

Download link here