Three Years of Maple

It’s been three years since Maple, a (former) stray kitten, had decided to stay in our residence for good. Not much has changed about her, except for the fact that she has ballooned into a fat ball of fur, kind of like a stuffed animal that had too much stuffing put into it.

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T.E.A.M.R.D: Treasure Hunting

Confused? This post will explain everything.

A bulleted summary of what happened during the first stage of The Expensive Adventures of Makeup Rookie Dianne (TEAMRD):

  • I was only supposed to buy one (1) eyeshadow stick
  • I decided that maybe I should buy an eyeshadow stick, eyeshadow palette, contour palette, and brush set.
  • Even today, I’m still indecisive about the products I’ll be buying
  • The grand total of these items is heckin’ expensive pesos gold coins

And now, I’m going to spend these gold coins. Folks, I’m going on a hunt—a treasure hunt. [CSI: Miami opening theme plays]

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The Expensive Adventures of Makeup Rookie Dianne

Previously on:Oh my God, you’re 21? You look like a child!

[…] From now on, I’m going to start looking for ways to make myself look more mature—one that doesn’t involve anything that might permanently destroy my face.

Since August, I’ve been slowly learning about all things makeup. Despite it being exhausting, I found myself enjoying the process because I was actually learning new information. Being a bored college bum, I decided to turn it into a series of posts chronicling my journey to learning makeup.

So here I am, spending my savings on buying makeup products that will hopefully—hopefully—make me look like someone who is at least of legal age to drink in the Philippines.

Note: each post is unnecessarily long because I want to remind my future self the lengths I went (will go) through just to learn how to put things on my face.

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T.E.A.M.R.D: Mapping Things Out

Confused? This post will explain everything.

Like what my degree has taught me when doing a study, it is always important, first and foremost, to conduct a review of related literature (RRL). And I believe this is also essential when going on an adventure in order to be prepared.

So, the first stage of this makeup adventure began with me identifying my skin tone and type and researching about them. I won’t go into the details because it will take up so much post space, but the results were: medium & combination.

During the early days of this adventure (around late August lmao), I was already browsing through this local online store called BeautyMNL to see if they had any products that I could afford.

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Selling Art (with Friends!)


I realized that I haven’t talked about them in here, but I have this great group of friends who I appreciate so deeply that my heart might burst into mini-hearts.

Each of us in the bunch has characteristics that are so distinct from each other that our get-togethers always end up becoming very interesting and memorable. But despite our differences, we still have a lot of common hobbies and likes. One of these is art🎨

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