Selling Art (with Friends!)


I realized that I haven’t talked about them in here, but I have this great group of friends who I appreciate so deeply that my heart might burst into mini-hearts.

Each of us in the bunch has characteristics that are so distinct from each other that our get-togethers always end up becoming very interesting and memorable. But despite our differences, we still have a lot of common hobbies and likes. One of these is art🎨

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The One Where I Went Grocery Shopping Alone

Ever since I’ve evolved into an Independent Person™, the universe hasn’t skipped a day to remind me that I’m still not equipped to face the Independent Life™.

You see, last week, my sister—a fresh graduate, an unemployed individual of society—had finally semi-moved out of our room to join my parents in the adult world and find a decent job. This forces me to do stuff alone, such as eating in public, going to the cinema, and buying groceries.

Eating alone has never been an issue for me, so I’m not really worried about that. I’m still trying to not judge myself by to going to the cinema alone, but I feel like I’ll get the hang of it soon. Grocery shopping, however, is something I haven’t really thought of.

Being the Independent Person™ that I am, I gave it a go and, boy, did it not go well.

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My Weekend, in Photos (Mostly)

Starting tomorrow (Monday), the midyear classes in our university would begin, so I tried my best to make my last chill weekends great.

Here’s an overview of my chill weekend: yesterday, my sister and I traveled to Manila—a 2-hour bus ride from our town if you’re lucky enough to dodge the traffic jams—to meet up with our high school friends at SM North. To be clear: we don’t have the same social circle; we went our “different paths” once our own friends separately arrived.

Today, I literally just chilled. I allowed myself to rest after yesterday because the bus ride on the way home took 5 hours—FIVE.

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Managing Maple

It’s been more than two months since we adopted the street kitten that is now Maple and, if you’re aware of her appearance back then, it’s pretty clear that we’ve been managing her quite well.

We’ve taken her to the vet a couple of times, bathed her with herbal soap and anti-mange shampoos, dewormed her, bought her cat stuff—in other words, we spent a ton of money for this ball of fur.

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The One Where We Went to Tagaytay

In my entire existence, I’ve probably gone to Tagaytay three or four times…I think? All I can recall whenever this place is mentioned are the field trips that I had in preschool:

  1. the time we went to the Tagaytay Zoo
  2. the time one of my classmates called the Taal Volcano Bulkang Mayon (Mayon Volcano), and;
  3. that moment when I saw a statue of Mother Mary and bowed to her repeatedly—embarrassing, I know, but I was like 5 that time so I get a pass.
We were able to see the sunset while on the road (and it’s much more beautiful than it seems).

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