My Weekend, in Photos (Mostly)

Starting tomorrow (Monday), the midyear classes in our university would begin, so I tried my best to make my last chill weekends great.

Here’s an overview of my chill weekend: yesterday, my sister and I traveled to Manila—a 2-hour bus ride from our town if you’re lucky enough to dodge the traffic jams—to meet up with our high school friends at SM North. To be clear: we don’t have the same social circle; we went our “different paths” once our own friends separately arrived.

Today, I literally just chilled. I allowed myself to rest after yesterday because the bus ride on the way home took 5 hours—FIVE.

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Managing Maple

It’s been more than two months since we adopted the street kitten that is now Maple and, if you’re aware of her appearance back then, it’s pretty clear that we’ve been managing her quite well.

We’ve taken her to the vet a couple of times, bathed her with herbal soap and anti-mange shampoos, dewormed her, bought her cat stuff—in other words, we spent a ton of money for this ball of fur.

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The One Where We Went to Tagaytay

In my entire existence, I’ve probably gone to Tagaytay three or four times…I think? All I can recall whenever this place is mentioned are the field trips that I had in preschool:

  1. the time we went to the Tagaytay Zoo
  2. the time one of my classmates called the Taal Volcano Bulkang Mayon (Mayon Volcano), and;
  3. that moment when I saw a statue of Mother Mary and bowed to her repeatedly—embarrassing, I know, but I was like 5 that time so I get a pass.
We were able to see the sunset while on the road (and it’s much more beautiful than it seems).

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Meeting Maple


On the 4th of December, a scruffy little kitten visited our house to scavenge some food. It was a mixed breed cat, a pusang kalye (literal trans. street cat), as we Filipinos call it.

As soon as I saw it waiting outside our front door, I called my sister because she’s the cat person in the household. About half an hour later, we had a pet, and we named it Maple.

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The One With A Series of Unfortunate Events

I have just come back from a very, very tiring experience. In a span of two hours—two effing hours—I got to experience distraught, relief, horror, frustration, anxiety, misery, hope, and more relief.

This is one of those times when I feel like a character straight out of Lemony Snicket’s books; I was a magnet of misfortune (but only for a day, thank God).

All of this may sound weird and confusing right now, but don’t worry—I am more than willing to share this epic that may even rival the Odyssey*.

Note: this is a very, very long and text-heavy post full of curse words. I also wrote this post on October 29th.

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