Mac & Cheese in a Mug (An experiment)

Back in my senior high school days, I was obsessed with mug recipes (thank you, Tumblr masterposts); they’re quick, easy, and perfect for lazyheads like me. However, the recipes that I tried would only always be for mug cakes, and never for omelettes, pasta, or some other discount-gourmet food.

This year, I’ve decided to up my mug recipe game by trying out Tasty’s 5-minute Mac & Cheese.

Will it work? Is it going to be delicious? I’m here to find out.

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A Letter to the Shy Kids™

I was a shy kid. But unlike many shy kids, I was never able to grow out of it even after puberty. It was then when I realized this shyness isn’t just a phase—I was born with it, and I’ll most likely die with it.

Which isn’t really a bad thing, as long as I don’t let it take over my life, right? God, if only it were that easy.

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Selling Art (with Friends!)


I realized that I haven’t talked about them in here, but I have this great group of friends who I appreciate so deeply that my heart might burst into mini-hearts.

Each of us in the bunch has characteristics that are so distinct from each other that our get-togethers always end up becoming very interesting and memorable. But despite our differences, we still have a lot of common hobbies and likes. One of these is art🎨

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Assessing my 2017

Many people describe their 2017 as a mix of good and bad—I’m one of those people. My first half of the year was pretty nice; despite having a professor who gave unnecessarily difficult requirements in one subject, I was able to acquire a grade of 1.00 (the highest grade) in another. Like I said, a mix of good and bad. But then the internship happened and the year gradually became not-so-nice.

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