Campus Chill

It’s been oddly cold here in LB* for the past three days.

Usually, January (or any month, actually) here means jean shorts, flip-flops, and that ₱18 ice cream at 7-Eleven. Not complaining about the current weather, though—being the winter child that I am, I was even in love with it.

And seeing the campus people** with their jackets wrapped around them made me giddy inside because it reminded me of December in the UAE; chilly winds, occasional drizzles, et cetera, et cetera.

So to show my love for the January weather here in my hometown, I gave poetry another shot and rhymed some words during my spare time. Don’t expect it to be a great one, though, because in case you don’t know, I specialize in writing shitty poems.

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Feminism: My Five-Paragraph Opinion

Feminism—why do we need it? It isn’t so that women could dominate the entire world. It’s not because they hate the male population, either (and if anybody thinks that it’s because of man hate, they need to know that it isn’t always about men).

I have read countless stories about women walking to parks and being catcalled by men, women who just want to wear what they want to wear outside their houses but get harassed for doing so, and women who get beaten up by men because they didn’t say “thanks” to their “compliments”. Continue reading “Feminism: My Five-Paragraph Opinion”

A Poem about Self-hate

Inspired by the stress that I’m getting from this college semester.
I’m apologizing in advance because I don’t actually know how to make poems (I just pretend that I do).

Right now, something wicked
is living inside my body.
It’s taking over my mind and
making my judgment foggy.

It feeds itself with negativity
and it’s turning into a monster.
I have no choice but to fight it
or else, it will only get stronger.

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About a Girl

This girl is the planet Pluto.
She is the white crayon in a 64-pack Crayola box.
She is the supporting character of everyone else’s movie,
and that bobby pin that you always seem to lose under your bed.

Still, she lives like she’s the Earth
or the color red in that crayon box.
She is the main character of her own movie,
and she wants to have a purpose in this world.

{something that I’ve written for my Weebly page, which I was required to create for a class.}