DCOMs: My Thoughts Then vs. Now

I was a Disney kid. I probably consumed everything that Disney Channel aired circa 1998-2006, from shows like Lizzie McGuire to animated series such as Recess. Well, at least that was what Disney Channel Asia was airing.

From time to time, I’d also get to watch the iconic Disney Channel Original Movies, DCOM for short. I love love watching these back then because I wanted to be a part of the main characters’ adventures in the film and, honestly, I still kind of want to sometimes.

But, again, those were the days when my thoughts were Innocent™ and whimsical, so I decided to watch some of the films again to see if, after 10 years, my thoughts about them have changed.

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Arrival: Giant Aliens & the Importance of Language

There are films that are better told through a linear plot. Some films, however, turn into cinematic beauty for their lack of chronology. Christopher Nolan’s Memento (2001) is a great example of this; so is Gaspar Noé’s Irréversible (2002), which made me curse a lot in a certain post.

So is Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival (2016), a surprisingly amazing film that plays around the concept of time. I have a lot of feelings insights about the film because it shows the importance—and difficulty—of communication.

Seriously, turn back and watch the thing before entering the danger zone.

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Film Dump: Journalism 101

I never knew that a major subject I was bound to dislike and a favorite hobby of mine would clash at one point in my life. Still, it happened last month when our professor gave us an opportunity to watch a couple of films that center around journalism/news reporting. From then on, I just knew that those were the final days that I would love that certain subject.

P.S. some very minor spoilers might appear, so beware.


  1. All the President’s Men
  2. Shattered Glass
  3. Spotlight

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ELBIKON & Deadpool


To those who aren’t familiar with the term, Elbikon is a combination of the words Elbi (LB = Los Baños) and kon (localized spelling of con, a.k.a. convention). Basically: a comic convention in Los Baños.

Acquisitions (CW):

  • Baymax/Yokai Pin by Lyndon Gregorio
  • Daredevil Pin by Lyndon Gregorio
  • Bookmark by April Marie Praz Pagcaliwagan
  • Ugh #2 by Hulyen (Julienne Dadivas)
  • Deadpool cupcake by Clover Bakes (which isn’t in the photo because I ate is as soon as I bought it LOL)

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The ‘Pretty Woman’ Incident

Before anything else, I’m assuming that anyone who reads this knows about Garry Marshall’s Pretty Woman (1990), starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s basically about a prostitute (Roberts) and a businessman (Gere) who fall in love in a span of a week.

Warning: everything below this line is kind of rated PG-15 (or probably higher, depending on your country’s law).

So it was a peaceful Friday morning and I immediately thought, “This day will be awesome,” because why wouldn’t it be? The weather was chilly, I had no classes for that day, and I woke up earlier than usual (and I surprisingly didn’t feel groggy).

I went to the dining area to eat—my grandma was already having her breakfast—and turned the TV on, flipping through the channels that I normally watch. As I browsed through all of them, the only things I found that were worth watching were Shrek The Third (I think) and Pretty Woman, the prime suspect of this incident. I picked the latter.

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