I want to pat myself on the back for attempting something I’ve never done before: I tried writing a poem in my native language, which is Tagalog.

Let me emphasize the word tried because, despite being a full-blooded Filipino raised by people who speak Tagalog on a daily basis, I still can’t speak Tagalog without mixing in some English words. This made it challenging for me to write this sorry excuse of a poem.

Warning: it’s so cringeworthy to the point where I want to smack—not pat—myself on the back hard enough to knock some sense into my brain and not post this.

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Un Silence Assourdissant

People become uncomfortable when faced with a long, painful silence with someone else.

I’m one of those people.

I felt uncomfortable when I tried to engage in a conversation with a stranger, but that stranger wasn’t really interested in me, nor the “nice” weather that I was talking about as I fan myself with a handkerchief because it was almost 40 degrees outside.

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