Sem-ender Feels 3.2

As the last week of my existence as a third year college student rolls in, I am filled with dread, disappointment, and lots of questions. Is the semester really ending? What will happen to my grades? Why does it feel like I’m still stuck in the middle of the race track, while everyone else seems to be preparing to step on the finish line?

Basically, I feel like I’m ten steps behind everyone and, no matter how fast I try to run to catch up to them, they’re still way ahead of me (not that it’s their fault).

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Sem-ender Feels 2.2

Okay, this post is probably three days too late—the semester officially ended last Friday, May 20th. But of course, being a student in this atrocious university, these dates don’t really mean anything because there will always be that one paper that would extend its deadline beyond the semester. Always.

Anyway, I’ve finished some of my (written) tasks for our multi-media plan and the only things I have to worry about are the budget plan and the revisions for the media materials, so I’m taking a short break from that to write this post.*

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Sem-ender Feels 2.1

I feel like my sem-enders are becoming worse as my college life continues.

Exhibit A (Year 1, 1st Sem): my standing for a GE subject—this is a GE, mind you, it wasn’t even a major subject—was incomplete. I was a freshman, and I already had an INC on my record.

And it’s all because of my tiny mistake of putting my test paper on the wrong pile of papers. What a time to be alive.

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Sem-ender feels 1.2

Genuine question: is there a college student out there who feels happy and worry-free during the last month of the semester? If there is, how are you doing it? Where do you get your optimism? Because I (and the other students in my university) certainly need it. And I know that I have a reason to be happy because the semester is almost coming to an end, but I just can’t help but feel uneasy.

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Sem-ender Feels

It’s crazy how, for almost one semester, everything is great and you’re happy with the way things are going on in your life, and then one morning you just wake up to find out that these things are all falling apart.

The semester is about to end in one week (hopefully) and last August, I never expected that it would end this way—stress, problems, never-ending exams, stress. I know that I’m at fault here in some aspects, such as procrastinating a little too much and oversleeping, but I’ve been encountering many incidents that I feel like are happening to me just for the sake of making me miserable. I don’t know anymore. It sucks. Everything sucks right now. And I freaking hate it.

Side note: Some parts of this post contain religion and stuff. I’m a firm believer of God, and if you can’t respect my beliefs, might as well leave now.

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