A Study Schedule

Oh look, I made a new printable. It seems like I always make one whenever a new academic year starts. Is it a good thing? I don’t know.

But here it is! I made a study schedule because I need to spend my time wisely this upcoming semester and I can also test my discipline with this printable. (Will I be able to stick to my schedule? Again, I don’t know.)

It comes with four colors; I’m never satisfied with only one.

The design is also pretty simple, so I’m sure it’ll match with your other printables!

I hope you like them and that you’ll use them for the upcoming school year!

Download link here


Well, well.

Just a little update, I guess.

I haven’t really written anything (aside from my Arrival post) because of two reasons: a.) my academic and organization life had taken over my life last semester; and b.) it’s as if I lost my ability to write. Even now, I’m struggling to let the words flow freely.

But now I’m back and ready to churn out all the things I couldn’t write! Basically, this post will be a mess.

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Enrollment Frustrations

My beloved university, UPLB, is currently going through shit*. Everyone is angry, and if they’re not angry, they’re probably sleeping because they had been up all night trying to get the subjects that they shouldn’t even be fighting for, to begin with.

Also, the time of the enrollment was 12AM. So spare us. You don’t know what it’s like.

There are three ways this whole fiasco can go:

1.) SAIS reverts everyone’s units back to 0. The whole nightmare starts from the beginning again. Equality within all students, yes, but we’ve already experienced how shitty the website’s server is; if we repeat the whole thing again, it’s highly likely that the server will crash, just like before. Let’s not forget about the time, money, and effort that would be wasted if this will be the path that the UP System takes. On the other hand, this will benefit the irregular students (seriously, though, this term is degrading).

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Stray Thoughts: Study Session

It is a known and annoying fact that our minds divert their attention to somewhere else that isn’t school-related whenever we try to study. While I was studying for the prefinal exam of a certain midyear class, my mind kept going to places that don’t involve standard errors, regression analyses, and the like.

This is a series of thoughts that popped up in my mind while I was doing an intense study session for an exam. They may not make sense to you, but this wasn’t written for you, anyway.

13 July 2016 | Midnight, most likely.

My admiration for my professor is different in a way that his looks aren’t the main factor; it’s his seemingly effortless ability to make number-hating students like me love (and love to understand) something as complicated as statistics. Seriously, it’s crazy, but my brain loved learning about the topic. This is what makes an amazing teacher.

Before completely falling asleep earlier in the afternoon, as I lay in my bed, my mind was unconsciously blurting out the formula for the standard error of proportion, which is √[(P(P-1))÷(n)]. I can’t believe that I almost dreamt of a formula.

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05 July 2016 // 8:26pm

I’m eating statistics (and drinking cheap coffee) for dinner tonight.

We’ll have our prefinal exam next Thursday and I’m honestly so scared because I still can’t grasp the concepts in sampling distributions.

Good thing it’s a holiday tomorrow; hopefully, I’d be able to use the time to understand difficult topics instead of binge-watching the first season of Orphan Black.